About Megan Rae Theisen


Hello, Hello Beautiful YOU! What contribution can I be to you? What are you looking to change in your life? What would you like to create? I can help you get there!!!

So, this is going to sound odd for some of you and maybe be a door to a different possibility for others------> Before I found Access Consciousness I was depressed. I also did the anxiety thing. I always desired it to change, but the only thing I knew was to go to the doctor. Numerous doctors told me I was depressed, and that's the way I would probably be for my whole life AND then they gave me prescriptions. It irked me every time. The pills made me feel like crap and I usually ended up ditching them after a week or less. So, what was my solution? Deal with it....after all, it was something I was going to have to get used to since I would be depressed my whole life. After getting to the point where life really didn't  matter anymore, I sought out something else. Something different than what I was doing, even though I didn't know what it was. I asked a question from the place of a demand. I asked, 'What is the point of life?' Because to me, even though I had 2 beautiful children and a loving partner, I couldn't see the point. What my question actually meant was, 'What's the point....there better be something better, OR....'  And then I came across Access Consciousness. I still remember the first time I listened to an Access Facilitator on a telesummit. My whole body and being lighted up!!! I gave myself permission to choose it. It made me feel good. I bought one of those $99 packages, where I got several verbal mp3s to listen to continually. 2 months later I took my first 5 day class! And, WOW!

Now, 2 1/2 years later, I laugh when no one else does. I see the beauty in every moment. And there is no more 'depression' or 'anxiety'. Weird? Yes. True? Yes. There was a point where I had forgotten that depression/anxiety were part of my life. How does that work? Well, what if I just eliminated the lie of it all? What if I forgot because it wasn't part of my story anymore? How does it get better than this??

These tools work. They work fast and dynamically AND are easy! They worked and continue to work for me because I work them- I use them- I continually can change and shape my life the way I would like it. Did you know you can change and choose your life, too? It is because of this that I facilitate classes. Presenting these tools to others brings joy to me and allows me to see changes and miracles in other people's lives as well. Wow! What would the world be like, if we all judged ourselves and others less and did things that were fun for us?

I faciliatate Bars, Foundation, Level 1, and several body processes classes as well as telecalls on several subjects....what classes would you like? And, where would you like them? Let me know!

I am also attending many of the Body Lab Expos throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. For more information on those, please visit BodyLabUSA.com. I also have a profile on their page as well, click here. Will you check it out?

What change can we create together? Will you join me?

I am so grateful for these tools, for you, and for anyone seeking greater in this reality! How does it get better than this? What would it take for life to BE the Ease, Joy and Glory it actually can be for you?